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How will you protect my confidentiality and private information?

DMMs have legal, HIPAA, AADMM Standards of Practice and AADMM Ethics Code guidelines that we follow. We each have our own client contracts that enumerate our responsibilities to each client. However, the client must give the DMM their written permission to discuss their private information to any outside individual – either a family member or professional partner. DMMs will not disclose unauthorized information to anyone unless ordered by a court of law.

Do you work with older adults?

DMMs work with older adults to manage their finances in a way that maintains financial health while preserving their self-esteem and independence. Please filter Find A DMM for members who specifically have a senior clientele.

Do you work with the children of senior clients?

Our members are very comfortable working with the family members of our clients – locally and across the country – as long as written permission is given by the client.

How do your bill paying services differ from automatic deductions from my accounts?

Automatic deductions can save you time but require you to manage your own accounts. DMMs work directly with you to understand your specific needs and provide customized full-service management of your personal bills.

Do you only work with clients in the Atlanta area?

Many of our members work virtually/remotely with clients all over the US and internationally. Please filter Find A DMM for members who specifically have a virtual/remote clientele.

Where do DMMs perform their work?

DMMs perform their work from their offices, onsite at your location, or a combination of both. Be sure to discuss your preferences with your DMM.

How do you charge for your services?

The majority of DMMs charge for their services on an hourly basis – rates vary with expertise. In addition to the hourly rates, most charge for out-of-pocket expenses such as postage costs incurred for their clients and other purchases made on the client’s behalf. Some DMMs charge for their travel time; some request payment at the time of service and others bill on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. You may also find some DMMs are willing to set a flat rate for service each month. Most DMMs prefer to discuss your needs and situation before discussing rates for their services.

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