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Sustainable Investing

  • July 21, 2022
  • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Zoom meeting


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“Future projections for climate impact, water, food, unemployment, terrorism, organized crime, and environmental and information pollution lead to complex human disasters. The stakes are too high to tolerate business as usual. The world is racing to implement solutions for global problems with ever-increasing complexity and scale.”

This quote from The Millennium Project says it all; the stakes are too high to tolerate business as usual. Society has massive challenges that policy & philanthropy can’t solve alone. These issues require solutions at scale, and that’s where the world’s capital – from institutions and individual investors – plays a pivotal role.

The good news is that sustainable investing is a solution and it’s exploding. Investors of all sizes are recognizing that their investments are a powerful tool to drive the change they want to see in the world. 

Yet many people don’t realize that sustainable investing is available to them. IT IS! Everyday investors can now build entire sustainable, diversified, competitive portfolios in their personal accounts and retirement plans like IRAs and 401ks.

Gary Whitehurst and Nancy Sagar co-founded Brighter Investing to help people move their “unexamined” investments into sustainable ones. As a legal Public Benefit LLC, they’re also dedicated to financial literacy and cause education to help people become better investors and advocates for the issues they care about. Join this discussion to discover how you can build a more sustainable portfolio now!  

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce sustainable investing: What it is, why it’s growing so quickly, terminology
  • Link sustainable business practices (and risky ones) to financial and investment performance
  • Highlight different sustainability & impact strategies and how they tie to your financial goals and the change you want to drive  


With more than two decades in the Atlanta wealth management business, Gary has devoted his career to building exceptional client experiences. He held nearly every role from financial advisor to operations to head of advisory services and corporate leadership for a local firm that grew to $1.4 billion in assets under management during his tenure. He earned a BBA from the University of Georgia and holds a Chartered SRI Counselor™ designation, the first and only major financial credential dedicated specifically to SRI. The accreditation was developed with US SIF, the country’s leading voice advancing sustainable, responsible, and impact investing across all asset classes.

gary@brighter-investing.com, (404) 793-7113 (direct/cell)

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